Tourist In Your Own Town

Tourist In Your Own Town # 29 - Surrogate’s Court – Hall of Records

The former Hall of Records, now the Surrogate’s Court was designed by John R. Thomas, with Horgan & Slattery in 1899 through 1907.

Designated a City Landmark in 1986, this Beaux Arts structure was a highlight of the City Beautiful movement. It is built of Maine granite and features more than fifty sculptures by Philip Martiny and Henry Kirke Bush-Browne.

The stunning interior contains a foyer with Siena marble walls and a vaulted mosaic ceiling by the artist William de Leftwich Dodge.

Also inside you will find the City Hall Library and Department of Records, both are open to the public with various exhibits and research archives.

More Information:
Located at 31 Chambers Street. Office hours are weekdays 9am to 5pm.
NYC Department of Records -

We want to thank The City of New York Department of Records & Information Services and their friendly staff for all of their assistance.

Tourist In Your Own Town # 29 - Surrogate’s Court—Hall of Records from New York Landmarks Conservancy on Vimeo.