Tourist In Your Own Town

Tourist In Your Own Town #23: Riverside Park

Riverside Park stretches over four miles from 59th to 158th streets along the Hudson River. With its sloping lawns and stately trees, it is one of Manhattan’s most spectacular waterfront parks. From 72nd Street north it’s a scenic landmark, with views that range from distinguished buildings and statues to playgrounds and river boats. Frederick Law Olmsted laid out the first plans for the park in the 1870s which included the beautifully landscaped Riverside Drive. Since then, it has acquired some of New York’s finest monuments. The most prominent of these are Grant’s Tomb and the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument.

There is so much to see and explore at Riverside Park. Watch our video, then make your own plans to visit.

Upper West Side of Manhattan, along the Hudson River from 59th to 158th streets. For more information, visit