Tourist In Your Own Town

Tourist in Your Own Town #14 - Ellis Island South Side

This month we visit Ellis Island to honor the 12 million immigrants who came through there when it was an active Immigration Station from 1892 to 1954. Ellis Island is one of the country’s most popular National Parks, with nearly two million visitors each year. But the South Side of the Island, home to the largest hospital complex of its day, is closed. The National Park Service and Save Ellis Island, with initial help from the Landmarks Conservancy, have stabilized the South Side buildings, though their future is uncertain. The hospital buildings played a crucial role in treating sick immigrants so they could go on to a new life in America. Visitors deserve to see the South Side and know the complete story of this remarkable Island.

Thanks to Janis Calella, President of Save Ellis Island (SEI); Tony Mrozinski, a volunteer for SEI and the National Park Service

Tourist In Your Own Town - The South Side of Ellis Island from New York Landmarks Conservancy on Vimeo.