Tourist In Your Own Town

Tourist In Your Own Town - Episode # 4 - Governors Island

This month, in honor of Veterans Day, we invite you to visit New York’s historic forts and armories. From the Eighth Avenue (14th Regiment) Armory in Brooklyn to Staten Island’s Fort Wadsworth to the Seventh Regiment Armory on Park Avenue. New York City has many unique and beautifully designed buildings that have served our armed forces.

We went to Fort Jay and Castle Williams, the centerpieces of the 22 acre National Monument on Governors Island that is administered by the National Park Service. The fortifications played a vital role in New York’s early history. Today they remind us of our military heritage and provide a tangible link to our country’s early quest for independence. The remainder of the island is run by the City’s Trust for Governors Island. The entire island has now become a summertime oasis for New Yorkers and tourists.

Tourist In Your Own Town - Episode # 4 - Governors Island from New York Landmarks Conservancy on Vimeo.