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Repairing Old and Historic Windows


A complete guide to window deterioration, maintenance, replacement, and repair. (1992, 207 pages)

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Technical Tips: Removing Graffiti


A brief overview of graffiti removal methods, including cleaning products and suggestions for hiring an experienced cleaning contractor. (1995)

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Technical Tips: Composite Patching of Brownstone - A Step-by-Step Overview


A brief overview of color matching, installation, and surface finishing of composite patching. (2003)

The Brownstone Guide: Maintenance & Repair Facts for Historic Property Owners


A completely revised guide to the preservation and repair of historic brownstone, including causes of decay and methods of repair and restoration. (2003, 8 pages)

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The Maintenance and Repair of Architectural Cast Iron


A technical brief on the history, inspection, repair, and maintenance of cast iron. Includes a supplemental list of specialists in repair and replacement. (1991, 14 pages)

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