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315 West 125th St., Manhattan

The cast-iron front of this sizable building features distinctive foliate ornament and a commanding cornice. In is unusual to find a cast-iron building of this size north of Midtown. The building is sadly neglected, its iron rusting, and windows boarded up.

Numerous handsome historic buildings can be found on both sides of 125th Street, many of them well cared for and occupied. Others have been demolished to make room for large commercial enterprises. Still others, like this one, have reuse potential and would sustain historical context and texture on this important street.

Neighborhood: Harlem 125th Street
Building use type: Commercial
Condition: Poor
Year built:
Style: Italianate
Predominant materials: Brownstone
NYC Designation Status:
National Designation Status:
Lot width: 50
Lot depth: 110
Building width:
Building depth:
Zoning: C4-4

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