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Naval Hospital

Naval Hospital
Naval Hospital

Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn

This magnificent hospital was designed by Martin Thompson, well known as an accomplished proponent of the Greek Revival style. An example of his work is the façade of the 1824 Assay Office, now in the courtyard of the Metropolitan Museum’s American wing.

Although the hospital has been reasonably well protected, it has been unused for decades. Stabilization and sealing stategies, however, do not last indefinitely. Viewed through the windows, the interior of the building looks damaged but not terminal with peeling paint, mold, some leaks, damaged wood and plaster. This is a very solid building, but these conditions should not be permitted to continue.

Neighborhood: Navy Yard
Building use type: Institutional
Condition: Fair
Architect/Builder: Martin E. Thompson
Year built: 1830-38
Style: Greek Revival
Predominant materials: Stone
NYC Designation Status: Landmark
National Designation Status:
Lot width:
Lot depth:
Building width:
Building depth:

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