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Fort Totten Building #211

Fort Totten Building #211
Fort Totten Building #211

, Queens

Fort Totten is an extensive military facility that was recently deeded to the City of New York by the Department of Defense. It is a designated scenic landmark that includes two previously designated individual landmarks, the Officer’s Club (ca. 1870; enlarged 1887) and the historic battery (1862-64). The site is under the jurisdiction of the Parks Department.

This building, the Willets Farmhouse, was originally constructed ca. 1829 as a Greek Revival double house, and later moved, enlarged, and remodeled in the fashionable Gothic Revival style. Although it is vacant and in perilous condition, thte Parks Department has funding for stabilization that is to take place in the Summer of ’09. It will need additional funding and a reuse to secure its future.

Neighborhood: Bayside
Building use type: Single Family
Condition: Poor
Year built: 1829
Predominant materials: Wood
NYC Designation Status: Historic District
National Designation Status:
Lot width:
Lot depth:
Building width:
Building depth:

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