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Former P.S. 186

Former P.S. 186
Former P.S. 186

549 West 145th St., Manhattan

There have been various development scenarios proposed for this vacant school building. The boundaries of the Empowerment Zone were drawn to include it, making it eligible for funding. While some would demolish the building and redevelop the site, others would like to see the building restored and reused. A local not-for-profit developer is interested in rehabbing it for low-income housing, but it is not clear that the building is for sale.

Although for the most part the EBI survey did not cover public school buildings, which are being scrutinized in other efforts, the prominence of this building on a major cross street warranted its inclusion.

Neighborhood: Harlem
Building use type: Public/Government
Condition: Poor
Year built:
Style: Italianate
Predominant materials: Masonry
NYC Designation Status:
National Designation Status:
Lot width:
Lot depth:
Building width:
Building depth:

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