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809 Riverside Dr.

809 Riverside Dr.
809 Riverside Dr.

809 Riverside Dr., Manhattan

Little is known about this suburban-style building, located improbably on Riverside Drive at 158th Street. It is in the midst of a collection of distinquished apartment buildings by Emery Roth and the Blum Brothers, among others. The house has separate entrances for its two halves, and is apparently occupied. However, there are also broken windows, through which birds freely come and go, and other signs of accumulating neglect.

The architects were Townsend and Steinle, a firm active in other Upper West Side locations.

Neighborhood: Harlem
Building use type: Residential/General
Condition: Fair
Architect/Builder: Townsend and Steinle
Year built:
Style: Neo-Renaissance
Predominant materials: Masonry
NYC Designation Status:
National Designation Status:
Lot width: 48
Lot depth: 67
Building width:
Building depth:
Zoning: R8

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