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264 West 96th St.

264 West 96th St.
264 West 96th St.

264 West 96th St., Manhattan

This city-owned building was formerly a subway power house, one of a small group of utility buildings similarly designed and built at the same time. Although some of them have been reused in productive ways, this sturdy and handsome Beaux-Arts structure remains underutilized and very neglected.

The photo at the left was taken in 2001; subsequently, a sidewalk bridge has been erected and protective netting wrapped over the cornice and upper facade.

Neighborhood: Upper West Side
Building use type: Other
Condition: Fair
Year built:
Style: Beaux Arts
Predominant materials: Stone
NYC Designation Status:
National Designation Status:
Lot width: 50
Lot depth: 100
Building width:
Building depth:

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