Preservation Issues

Public Advocate, Bill de Blasio, Visits Conservancy

New York City Public Advocate, Bill de Blasio, met with the Conservancy’s Public Policy Committee on June 2 at the Conservancy Office, where he discussed his support for preservation and why it should be an essential part of the City’s overall agenda.

He stressed how the Public Advocate’s office was an important platform for addressing issues and how multiple voices are key to the City’s future. De Blasio said the Public Advocate has the ability to influence change because it is a City-wide position with a bully pulpit and has a seat on the City Planning Commission. Known as a dedicated advocate for affordable housing, de Blasio sees preservation and affordable housing fitting naturally together in future City planning initiatives.

The Public Advocate traced his passion for preservation to his ancestral homeland in Italy and current residence in historic Park Slope.

“On preservation, I came to this honestly through personal experience starting at the age of 14 seeing the house that my grandfather was born in southern Italy, which had been in our family for hundreds of years. I think that gave me very personal sense of the power of keeping things that matter and say something about our culture and history,” de Blasio said.

“Being a preservationist is very natural.”