Preservation Issues

Our Recommendations for the 2019 Charter Revision

September 2018

Our Recommendations
-Set height limits for “voids” that artificially raise building heights. (like the yellow areas seen in the photo rendering)

-Establish a transparent pre-planning process for Community Boards to review proposed developments at the earliest stages of planning.

-Have the Landmarks Preservation Commission re-establish jurisdiction over City-owned landmarks and compel their upkeep.

-Require at least one Landmarks Commissioner to have a preservation background.

These are just some of the recommendations the Conservancy endorsed in testimony before the City Charter Revision Commission 2019, the second such commission looking at changes to how the City functions.

Several of our recommendations echo complaints from residents throughout the City concerned about loopholes in the Zoning Resolution that allow developers to construct out-of-scale buildings that threaten neighborhood character. We also want City agencies to reject other workarounds, such as gerrymandered and sculpted zoning lots, and buildings on stilts.

We urged that the Landmarks Preservation Commission remain an independent agency. And we asked that LPC Commissioners receive payment for their work and receive prompt reappointments. Now, nearly all of the Commissioners are serving on expired terms.

The Charter Revision Commission 2019 will review these and other recommendations, before forming ballot items for the November 2019 election.