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Important News: Landmarks Law Under Attack

Landmarks Law Under Attack

Girls’ High School, 1886 - Bedford, Brooklyn

Boys’ High School, 1890 + 1910 - Bedford, Brooklyn

Renaissance Apartments, 1892 - Bedford, Brooklyn

Alhambra Apartments, 1890 - Bedford, Brooklyn

74 Halsey Street - Bedford, Brooklyn

Euclid Hall, Broadway Between West 85th and West 86th Streets

926 St. Mark’s Avenue c. 1896 - Crown Heights North

360 West End Ave West End Collegiate Church

263 West End Ave Riverside Towers - West End

35 to 39 Hampton Place - Crown Heights North

June 7, 2012

The Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) has put together a coalition of construction, union and landlord groups to challenge the City’s 1965 Landmarks Law. They seek, in effect, to give development precedence over protection of New York’s landmark buildings and neighborhoods. This is, in part, a reaction to our successful effort to designate a historic district in Downtown Brooklyn when we effectively refuted REBNY claims about the costs of preserving historic structures.

We believe this effort by our friends at REBNY and the Building Congress to be misguided. We are all in the building business and it is the great mix of architecture that makes New York unique.

Here are the benefits of preservation:

The New York Landmarks Conservancy has been at the forefront of efforts to preserve, restore, and reuse New York City’s wonderful architectural legacy for nearly 40 years. The almost $38 million the Conservancy has dispersed in loans and grants has generated almost $1 billion in total construction projects. Conservancy staff has provided countless hours of pro bono technical advice to building owners, both non-profit organizations and individuals.

The Conservancy’s work has saved more than a thousand buildings. By saving homes, community, cultural and religious sites, and preserving neighborhoods, the Conservancy enhances New York’s quality of life and safeguards the City’s character for future generations.

We will keep you updated on this important issue.

Here is a sample of the buildings being threatened, click on the link to read the Landmarks Preservation Commission report. (pdf document)

Borough Hall Skyscraper Historic District

Bedford, Brooklyn

Bedford-Stuyvesant/ Expanded Stuyvesant Heights, Brooklyn

Crown Heights North III, Brooklyn

West End Collegiate

Riverside-West End Extension I

Riverside-West End Extension II

Central Ridgewood, Queens