Greatest Accomplishments

Lower Manhattan Emergency Preservation Fund

Helping Preserve Lower Manhattan

St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church

75 Murray Street

LMEPF's advocacy saved the Corbin building.

LMEPF Grant Recipients: The Verizon Building

Lower Manhattan is a national treasure – an unparalleled collection of American national and architectural history. In 2002, the nation’s and the Conservancy’s attention was focused on this historic area.

When the twin towers fell, several historic buildings in the area were damaged. The Conservancy responded immediately, as a founding member of the Lower Manhattan Emergency Preservation Fund, which gave emergency grants to damaged historic buildings. The Conservancy provided technical and advisory services with many of the grants, such as the the Verizon Building at 140 West Street. In some cases, staff helped building owners develop their grant proposals. In others, we helped contractors develop solutions to complicated technical issues

From Assistance to Advocacy

After addressing the threats to historic buildings caused on 9/11, the LMEPF shifted its attention to ensure that preservation was a component of the revitalization and redevelopment of Lower Manhattan and the World Trade Center Site. Working with city and state officials, for over three years the Conservancy has been active in advocating for Lower Manhattan’s architectural heritage for projects surrounding the World Trade Center Site as well as on Ground Zero itself.